Center for Reproductive Biology

Executive Summary


In 1989, faculty at both Washington State University and the University of Idaho interested in Reproductive Biology research started meeting regularly to discuss specific research projects and promote interactions among investigators. A training program, using existing graduate programs, was initiated to assist in the recruitment of graduate and postdoctoral trainees interested in reproductive biology research. The number of investigators and the level of interest of several of the colleges increased and an organized unit was formed in 1996.  Dr. Michael K. Skinner was recruited to WSU to establish, organize and direct the Center. Under Dr. Skinner's leadership,  the Center obtained a line-item budget in 1999, assisted in organizing 14 Cores, funded recruitment of exellent faculty to WSU, and helped the Center become recognized as one of the largest Reproductive Biology centers in the United States.

After twelve years of service to the Center Dr. Skinner stepped down as Director in order to more fully concentrate on his research. In 2008, Dr. Terry Hassold was recruited, from the School of Molecular Biosciences, as the new Director. Under his tutelage the Center has streamlined its Cores, aligned the seminar program with our graduate teaching course AS 582/Biol 582 (UI), increased membership, and moved our overall outlook toward a focus on trainees. As of February 18, 2013, the Center has 109 faculty who actively participate in research of reproductive biology. This large membership involves investigators from Washington State University, University of Idaho, University of Washington, and Montana State University. In addition, our membership includes a category of investigators employed in Industry.

Faculty:  The Center has 109 independent faculty as members. Within the laboratories of these faculty members are over 400 students, postdoctoral fellows and technical staff. This number of faculty makes the Center for Reproductive Biology one of the largest Centers in the country. 

Funding:  The faculty of the Center currently have approximately 15 million in extramural NIH and USDA support. Several large multi-investigator programs have been developed and seen through to fruition. 

Information:  Additional information on the Center for Reproductive Biology and its faculty can be obtained at its Web site: or by E-mail at: or by phone at: 509-335-2473.

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