Retreat & NWRSS

2016 Annual CRB Retreat & NWRSS 

June 2-June 3, 23016 NWRSS
June 4, 2016 CRB Retreat*

Philomath Scout Lodge, Inc
660 Clemens Mill Rd
Philomath, OR 97370

Check-in and poster display SET-UP to begin at 10:30 AM. The poster session(s) are scheduled for later in the day(s).

Follow this link for more information and for abstract submission (abstracts accepted now)

Registration is open.

Lodging Information: Follow this link for instructions regarding making reservations. 
Hotel reservations are due by May 13, 2016, in order to take advantage of the block rate.

  • * Due to travel times to Corvallis, the CRB Retreat portion of this event (Saturday, June 4, 2016) will not formally occur. Dr. Oatley, Dr. Pru, and Carolyn Emerson-Farr will be available during breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn for any questions or discussion. Please check back or email Carolyn for more information. 
  • The Annual General Faculty meeting will occur August 31, 2016 and will include any items that were scheduled for discussion in Corvallis.
  • The CRB Retreat and NWRSS are a combined event and those trainees participating in the platform presentations or poster sessions will receive travel awards.

General Agenda


Thursday, June 2nd 2016
11:30AM-12:45PM – lunch
1:00PM – welcome
1:15PM-3:00PM – Oral session #1
3:30PM-5:00PM – Oral session #2
5:00PM-6:30PM – Poster session #1
6:30PM-8:00PM – dinner
8:00PM-11:00PM – social

Friday, June 3rd  2016
9:00AM-10:30AM- Oral session #3
11:00AM-12:30PM – Oral session #4
12:30PM-1:30PM – Lunch
1:45PM-4:00PM – Oral session #5
4:00PM- 5:30PM – Poster session #2
5:30PM-7:00PM – free time
7:00PM-10:00PM – dinner/live music

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