Participating Faculty

Andrew McCubbin

Andrew McCubbin

Department:School of Biological Sciences, WSU
Credentials:1993~Ph.D., Reading University U.K.
Office:Abelson 440b
Mailing Address:School of Biological Sciences
Washington State University
PO Box 644236
Pullman, WA 99164-4236

Research Interests

Plant Reproduction

Research Summary

The processes and signaling mechanisms involved in male gametogenesis and the transport of the male gamete through the pistil to the ovule. These include pollen development, pollen tube growth and pollen pistil interactions, including the array of self-incompatibility mechanisms found in flowering plants. Centering on inter- and intra-cellular signaling in plant reproduction, there are two main areas of research: 1) The array of self-incompatibility (S-I) mechanisms deployed by plants to prevent self-fertilization and inbreeding. A number of different types of SI system are found in the flowering plants, we are at present initiating molecular studies on two systems for which there is very little molecular data to date. The first is heteromorphic SI in Primula vulgaris, where floral morphology and a biochemical incompatibility system combine to prevent self-fertilization. The second is the two-locus (S and Z) gametophytic SI system found in the grasses where the products of two unlinked loci combine to bring about pollen rejection. For this study we have chosen the barley relative Hordeum bulbosum as our model system. 2) Intracellular signaling in pollen development and tube growth, currently the roles of phospholipase D and calcium-dependent protein kinases in these processes are under investigation.

Research Publications

Selected 2005-2013

Guo, F., Yoon G.M, and McCubbin, A.G. (2013) "PiSCP1 and PiCDPK2 localize to peroxisomes and are involved in pollen tube growth in Petunia inflata." Plants, 2, 72-86.

Guo F and McCubbin, A.G. (2012). "The pollen specific R-SNARE/longin PiVAMP726 mediates fusion of endo- and exocytic compartments in pollen tube tip growth." J. Exp. Bot. 63: 3083-95.

McCubbin AG, Lee C, Hetrick A. 2006 "Identification of genes showing differential expression between morphs in developing flowers of Primula vulgaris." Sexual Plant Repriduction: DOI: 10.1007/s00497-006-0022-8.

Yoon, G.M., P.E. Dowd, S. Gilroy, and A.G. McCubbin, "Calcium-dependent protein kinase isoforms in Petunia have distinct functions in pollen tube growth, including regulating polarity." Plant Cell, 2006. 18(4): p. 867-78.

McCubbin, A.G. and E.H. Roalson, "Construction of bacterial artificial chromosome libraries for use in phylogenetic studies." Methods Enzymol, 2005. 395: p. 384-400.

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