Participating Faculty

Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts

Credentials:1988 - Ph.D. Washington State University;­ Animal Sciences
Office:Fort Keogh LARRL
Mailing Address:USDA-ARS, Fort Keogh LARRL
243 Fort Keogh Road
Miles City, MT 59301-4016

Research Interests

Develop beef cattle better suited for sustainable production

Research Summary

The long-term goal of research is to determine physiological processes by which genetic and environmental factors influence reproduction, thereby facilitating the ability to match cattle genotype with production environment. Research utilizes genomic, functional genomic and physiological approaches to identify key genes involved in controlling reproductive processes and determine how nutrition interacts with these genes to influence reproduction in cattle. Knowledge from this research is expected to result in the development of management and selection strategies that improve fertility and efficiency of beef production.

Research Publications

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