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Brenda Murdoch

Brenda Murdoch

Department:Animal & Veterinary Science-UI
Credentials:2010-Ph.D., University of Alberta~Animal Science & Genomics
Mailing Address:Animal & Veterinary Science
875 Perimeter Dr. MS 2330
Moscow, ID 83844-2330

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Research Publications

Murdoch B, Owen N, Stevense M, Smith H, Nagaoka S, Hassold T, McKay M, Xu H, Fu J, Revenkova E, Jessberger R, Hunt P. Altered cohesin gene dosage affects mammalian meiotic chromosome structure and behavior. PLoS Genet (2013) 9(2) e1003241.

Hunt PA, Lawson C, Gieske M, Murdoch B, Smith H, Marre A, Hassold T, VandeVoort CA. Bisphenol A alters early oogenesis and follicle formation in the fetal ovary of the rhesus monkey. Proc Natl Acad Sci (2012) Oct 23: 109 (43): 17525-30.

Murdoch BM, Murdoch GK, Settles M, McKay S, Williams JL, Moore SS. Genome-wide scan identifies loci associated with classical BSE occurrence. PLoS One (2011) 6(11) e26819.

Lawson C, Giekse M, Murdoch B, Ye P, Li Y, Hassold T, Hunt PA. Gene expression in the fetal mouse ovary is altered by exposure to low doses of bisphenol A. Biol Reprod. (2011) Jan 84 (1): 79-86.

Murdoch B, Owen N, Shirley S, Crumb S, Broman KW, Hassold T. Multiple loci contribute to genome-wide recombination levels in male mice. Mamm Genome (2010) Dec 21 (11-12): 550-555.

Gorbach DM, Makgahlela ML, Reecy JM, Kemp SJ, Balyenweck I, Ouma R, Mwai O, Marshall K, Murdoch B, Moore S, Rothschild MF. Use of SNP genotyping to determine pedigree and breed composition of dairy cattle in Kenya. J Anim Breed Genet.(2010) Oct 127 (5): 348-351.

Murdoch BM, Clawson ML, Yue S, Basu U, McKay S, Settles M, Capoferri R, Laegreid WW, Williams JL, Moore SS. PRNP haplotype associated with classical BSE incidence in European Holstein cattle. PLoS One (2010) Sept 16: 5(9) e12786.

Murdoch BM, Clawson ML, Laegreid WW, Stothard P, Settles M, McKay S, Prasad A, Wang Z, Moore SS, Williams JL. A 2cM genome-wide scan of European Holstein cattle affected by classical BSE. BMC Genet. strong>(2010) Mar 29 11:20.

Bovine HapMap Consortium. Genome-wide survey of SNP variation uncovers the genetic structure of cattle breeds. Science (2009) Apr 24 324(5926):528-532.

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