Participating Faculty

Diter von Wettstein

Diter von Wettstein

Department:Crop & Soil Sciences, WSU
Credentials:1953~Ph.D. University of Tübingen ú Biology, Biochemistry 1953~Ph.D. University of Stockholm ú Genetics
Office:Johnson 267
Mailing Address:Crop & Soil Sciences
PO Box 646420
Pullman, WA 99164-6420

Research Interests

Biotechnology of barley and wheat improvement

Research Summary

Celiac disease is the most common food-sensitive enteropathological condition in humans (1 in 100). It is caused by an autoimmune reaction against wheat, barley and rye grain storage proteins. In human leukocyte antigen (HLA) DQ2- or DQ8-positive individuals an exposure to these “gluten” proteins can lead to a painful chronic erasure of the microvilli of the epithelium in the intestine and to a permanent intolerance of dietary prolamins. The autoimmune response results from the resistance to digestion of proline/glutamine rich peptides (epitopes) in the prolamins by gastric, pancreatic and brushborder membrane proteases. The only effective therapy is strict dietary abstinence from these food grains. It is the purpose of this project to eliminate from wheat grains the 78 prolamins containing the majority of epitopes causing celiac disease. They are unnecessary for baking. The promoters of the genes encoding these proteins are silenced by methylation in all vegetative parts of the wheat plant but are activated by de-methylation which is performed by 3 wheat DEMETER enzymes at the beginning of grain development. This enables the grain to synthesize the immunogenic gluten proteins. We employ methods to silence the synthesis in the grain of the 3 DEMETER enzymes encoded in the three wheat genomes: DNA targeted mutations of the active site of the enzymes and genetic transformation with artificial micro-RNAs and hairpin constructs to prevent the transcription of the genes.

Research Publications


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