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Jeremiah Busch

Jeremiah Busch

Department:School of Biological Sciences, WSU
Credentials:2005 - Ph.D., Indiana University-Evolution
Office:Eastlick 387
Mailing Address:

School of Biological Sciences
PO Box 644236
Pullman, WA 99164-4236

Research Interests

Plant Evolutionary Genetics

Research Publications

Dixon AL, CR Herlihy and JW Busch. 2013. Demographic and population-genetic tests provide mixed support for the abundant centre hypothesis in the endemic plant Leavenworthia stylosa. Molecular Ecology 22:1777-1791.

Igic B and JW Busch. 2013. Is self-fertilization an evolutionary dead end? New Phytologist 198:386-397.

Linksvayer, T. A., et al. (2013). "Social supergenes of superorganisms: do supergenes play important roles in social evolution?" Bioessays 35(8): 683-689.

Herman AC, JW Busch and DJ Schoen. 2012. Phylogeny of Leavenworthia S-alleles suggests unidirectional mating system evolution and enhanced positive selection following an ancient population bottleneck. Evolution 66:1849-1861.

Busch JW, and LF Delph. 2012. The relative importance of reproductive assurance and automatic selection as hypotheses for the evolution of self-fertilization. Annals of Botany 109:553-562.

Busch JW. 2011. Demography, pollination, and Baker’s law. Evolution 65:1511-1513.

Busch JW, S Joly and DJ Schoen. 2011. Demographic signatures accompanying the evolution of selfing in Leavenworthia alabamica. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28:1717-1729.

Busch JW, CR Herlihy, L Gunn and WJ Werner. 2010. Mixed mating in a recently derived self-compatible population of Leavenworthia alabamica (Brassicaceae). American Journal of Botany 97:1005-1013.

Busch JW, S Joly and DJ Schoen. 2010. Does mate limitation in self-incompatible species promote the evolution of selfing? The case of Leavenworthia alabamica. Evolution 64:1657-1670.

Schoen DJ and JW Busch. 2009. The evolution of dominance in sporophytic self-incompatibility systems. II. Mate-availability and recombination. Evolution 63:2099-2113.

Busch JW, J Sharma and DJ Schoen. 2008. Molecular characterization of Lal2, an SRK-like gene linked to the S-locus in the wild mustard Leavenworthia alabamica. Genetics 178: 2055-2067.

Busch JW and DJ Schoen. 2008. The evolution of self-incompatibility when mates are limiting. Trends in Plant Science 13:128-136.

Center for Reproductive Biology is cited as author affiliation.

Washington State University