Participating Faculty

John McNamara

John McNamara

Department:Animal Sciences and Nutrition Program, WSU
Credentials:1982~Ph.D., University of Georgia
Office:Clark 233
Mailing Address:Washington State University
PO Box 646320
Pullman WA 99164-6320

Research Interests

Lactation Systems Biology, Bio-mathematical Models

Research Summary

The objective of my program is to define the endocrine and biochemical regulation of nutrient metabolism and reproduction during lactation. Work includes transcriptomic and endocrine regulation of adipose tissue metabolism in lactating cows and pigs. Present focus is on transcriptomic adaptations to lactation, control of adipose metabolic flux and cytokine production. Nutrigenomic data are used to integrate into bio-mathematical systems biology models integrating genetics, metabolism in the whole animal. Animal models studied include dairy cattle and pigs. Funding has come from NIH, USDA (CSREES), National Pork Producers Council, Washington State Dairy Products Commission, Hatch funds, and Private Industry.

Research Publications

Selected 2006-2011

McNamara, J. P. 2013. Food Composition. Handbook of Nutrition and Food, Third Edition, in press. CRC Press.

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McNamara, J.P., ASAS Centennial Paper: The future of teaching and research in companion animal biology in departments of animal sciences. J Anim Sci, 2009. 87(1): p. 447-54.

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