Participating Faculty

Kenneth Roberts

Kenneth Roberts

Department:WWAMI Medical Education Program, WSU Spokane
Credentials:1989~Ph.D., Washington State University
Office:Health Sciences Building, Rm 320N
Mailing Address:WSU Spokane
PO Box 1495
Spokane, WA 99210-1495

Research Interests

Epididymal sperm maturation and sperm function

Research Summary

Sperm are produced in the testis and gain the ability to fertilize an egg as they transit the epididymis. During spermatogenesis many germ cell proteins are produced that are necessary for the function of mature sperm. Likewise, as sperm transit the epididymis they acquire proteins necessary for normal function from the epididymal fluid, which is a secretory product of the epididymal epithelium. The purpose of our research is to understand this maturation process. Our current research focus in on the role of Crisp-1, an epididymal protein acquired by the sperm, in the storage of sperm in the epididymis and in the regulation of the acrosome reaction. This work has implications for clinical conditions of sperm dysfunction leading to male infertility. Other projects include sperm proteomics analysis to discover other sperm maturation proteins, as potential targets for sperm function and contraception development, and characterization of the infertility phenotype resulting from knock out of the Jaw1 gene in mice.

Research Publications


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