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Lisa Schaffer

Lisa Shaffer

Department:Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc/Paw Print Genetics
Mailing Address:

220 E. Rowan, STE 220

Spokane, WA 99207
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Research Interests

Chromosomal abnormalities; Development of novel technologies; Canine genomics

Research Summary

Until recently, my research focused on the chromosomal basis (cytogenetics) of genetic disease. This included research projects on clinical cytogenetics, translocation malsegregation, uniparental disomy and genomic imprinting, mechanisms of chromosomal rearrangements, and development of molecular cytogenetic diagnostic technologies. My laboratory used a variety of chromosomal rearrangements to understand how chromosomes break, stabilize, form translocations, or malsegregate. My research was also concerned with how the genetic imbalance has consequences for the individual and we were involved in identifying genes that cause the phenotypic abnormalities associated with certain chromosomal syndromes.

My current research focus is on the development of high-throughput technologies to advance molecular diagnostics, population genetics of genomic diseases in canines, the identification of novel mutations contributing to inherited diseases in dogs and copy number variation in canines.

Research Publications

Shaffer LG, Ramirez C, Phelps P, Aviram M, Walczak M, Kahila Bar-Gal G, Ballif BC (2018) An International Genetic Survey of Breed-specific Diseases in Working Dogs from the United States, Israel and Poland. Cytogen Genome Res [Epub ahead of print]

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Shaffer LG, Ramirez CJ, Sundin K, Connell LB, Ballif BC (2016) Genetic screening and mutation identification in a rare canine breed, the Cesky fousek. Vet Rec Case Rep. 4:e000346.

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Shaffer LG, Ramirez CJ (2014) Genetic Carrier Screening in Domestic Dog Breeds. J Vet Med Res.1:1004-1005.

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