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Michelle 'Shelley' McGuire

Michelle 'Shelley' McGuire

Department:School of Biological Sciences, WSU
Office:Eastlick 375
Mailing Address:Washington State University
School of Biological Sciences
PO Box 644236
Pullman, WA 99164-4236

Research Interests

Mammary Physiology

Research Summary

Although breastfeeding is considered the optimal form of infant feeding, the regulation of milk constituents is not fully understood. A more comprehensive understanding of the variability and regulation of milk composition in humans is important both for scientific and public health purposes. Furthermore, it is known that lactation is beneficial for the postpartum woman. For example, lactation results in a period of infertility and a decreased risk for certain forms of breast cancer. Thus, we have been interested in studying the influence of lactation and breastfeeding on both maternal and infant health. Specifically, our research has focussed recently on the investigation of maternal fatty acid intake on milk composition (and thus, infant nutrition) as well as risk of breast cancer in the mother. Of particular interest to us is a group of fatty acids called the "conjugated linoleic acids (CLA)," which have been shown to influence breast cancer risk in animal models as well as growth and nutrient partitioning in the growing animal. Studies in lactating women show clearly that maternal CLA intake influences milk CLA content. Further, we have shown that supplementation with commercially-available CLA can quickly and significantly decrease milk fat content. Currently, we are continuing this research by helping to elucidate which CLA isomer is responsible for these effects on milk composition as well as studying the potential interaction between lactation and CLA intake on risk of mammary cancer. Our studies utilize both human subjects and animal models and are intended to add to our understanding of the regulation of milk composition as well as the health implications of variations in maternal and infant nutrition and behaviors during the postnatal period.

Research Publications

Selected 2005-2011

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