Participating Faculty

Robert Bogden

Robert Bogden

Department:Amplicon Vaccine LLC
Credentials:1992 - BS, University of Utah; Molecular Biology, Chemistry, International Economics
Mailing Address:Robert Bogden
Amplicon Vaccine, LLC & Amplicon Express Inc.
2345 NE Hopkins Court
Pullman, WA 99163

Research Interests

My career has been focused on the application of a wide variety of nucleic acid technologies. My companies make and screen large insert genomic DNA BAC libraries, and we have several patented processes which enable faster more accurate screening of DNA library resources and analysis of DNA sequence data. I have worked on many different types of organisms: fish, marine invertebrates, crop plants, ornamental plants, esoteric prokaryotic organisms, important agricultural animals, human diseases and animal diseases.

Research Summary

Amplicon Express specializes in making large insert genomic DNA BAC libraries and making genome wide Physical Maps using Next Gen DNA Sequencing. Amplicon Vaccine licensed a cloned LHRH (Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone) chimeric, reproduction control vaccine technology from WSURF (Washington State University Research Foundation) reproductive. The commercial name of this technology is Repro-Bloc™. Through a strong collaboration with Dr. Jerry Reeves (now retired WSU faculty and CRB member) and joint funding through WTC (Washington Technology Center), a wide variety of pre-clinical studies have been performed including: ~300 bulls in Brazil, hundreds of mice/rats, heifers, sheep, goats and elephants to name a few. We expect Repro-Bloc technology to be available in various countries by 2016. See for details and a complete publication list on this technology.

Research Publications

The Tomato Genome Consortium (more than 100 authors including Bodgen, R), The tomato genome sequence provides insights into fleshy fruit evolution, Nature, 485:635-641, May 31, 2012.

Riccardo Velasco, Bogden R, et al., A High Quality Draft Consensus Sequence of the Genome of a Heterozygous Grapevine Variety, PLoS One 2007; December Issue 12:e1326.

Hernandez JA, Zanella El, Bogden R, De Avila DM, Reeves JJ. Reproductive characteristics of grassfed, luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone-immunocastrated Bos indicus bulls. Journal of Animal Science, 2005; 83(12):2901-7.

Teng, D., Bogden, R., Mitchell, J., Baumgard M., Bell R., Berry, S., Davis, T., Ha, P., Kehrer, R., Jammulapati, S., Chen, Q., Offit, K., Skolnick, M., Tavtigian, S., Jhanwar, S., Swedlund, B., Wong, A., Kamb, A. Low incidence of BRCA2 mutations in breast carcinoma and other cancers. Nature Genetics, Volume 13, 214-244 (1996).

Couch, F., Farid, L., DeShano, M., Tavtigian, S., Calzone, K., Campeau, L., Peng, Y., Bodgen, R., et al. BRCA2 germline mutations in male breast cancer cases and breast cancer families. Nature Genetics, Volume 13, 123-125 (1996).

Washington State University