Participating Faculty

Terry Hassold

Terry Hassold

Department:School of Molecular Biosciences
Credentials:1977 - Ph.D., Michigan State University-Human Genetics
Office:Biotechnology Life Sciences 333
Mailing Address:Center for Reproductive Biology
PO Box 647521
Pullman, WA 99164-7521
Website:Click here

Research Interests

Chromosome abnormalities in pregnancy; meiotic recombination

Research Summary

Over 50% of all human pregnancy loss is due to chromosome imbalance in the fetus, making chromosome abnormalities the leading cause of reproductive failure. One of the primary aims of my laboratory is the use of cytogenetic and molecular techniques to study the origin and etiology of human chromosome abnormalities, with the aim being to uncover basic mechanisms responsible for the errors.
Additionally, because of the importance of abnormal meiotic recombination to the genesis of human trisomies, we have recently initiated a series of studies to examine factors responsible for “setting” recombination levels in mammalian males and females.

Research Publications

Wang S, Hassold T, Hunt P, White M, Zickler D, Kleckner N, Zhang L.  Inefficient crossover maturation underlies elevated aneuploidy levels in human female meiosis. Cell 168: 977-989, 2017.

Hardy K, Hassold T.  Chromosome abnormalities in human pregnancy wastage: A review of cytogenetic and molecular analyses.  In: Simon C, Rubio C, editors. Handbook of New Genetic Diagnostic Technologies in Reproductive Medicine.  CRC Press, 2017.

Horan T, Marre M, Hassold T, Lawson C, Hunt P.  Germline and reproductive tract effects intensify in male mice with successive generations of estrogenic exposure.  PLoS Genet 13:e1006980, 2017.

Gruhn J*, Al-Asmar N, Fasnacht R, Maylor-Hagen H, Peinado V, Rubio C, Broman K, Hunt P, Hassold T.  2015 Synaptic initiation and meiotic recombination: a comparative study of humans and mice.  Am J Hum Genet 98: 102-115, 2016.
Hardy K, Hardy P, Jacobs P, Lewallen K, Hassold T.  Temporal changes in chromosome abnormalities in spontaneous abortions: Results of forty years of analysis. Am J Med Genet 170: 2671-2680, 2016.

Vrooman L, Oatley J, Griswold J, Hassold T, Hunt P.  Estrogenic exposure alters the spermatogonial stem cells in the developing testis, permanently reducing crossover levels in the adult.  PLoS Genet 11:e1004949.doi:10.1371, 2015.

Vrooman, L. A., et al. "Evidence for paternal age-related alterations in meiotic chromosome dynamics in the mouse." Genetics 196(2): 385-396, 2014.

Rowsey R, Gruhn J, Broman K, Hunt P, Hassold T.  Examining variation in recombination levels in the human female: a test of the production line hypothesis.  Am J Hum Genet 95: 108-112, 2014.

Baier B, Hunt P, Broman K, Hassold T.  Variation in genome-wide levels of meiotic recombination is established at the onset of prophase in mammalian males.  PLoS Genet 10:e1004125, 2014.  


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