Center for Reproductive Biology

Seminar Schedule

5pring 2014 Seminar Series
Room BLS 402; 4:10-5:00pm (unless otherwise indicated)


Wednesday, Jan 22          Dr. Courtney Meehan, Department of Anthropology, WSU 4:10pm                           “Human Cooperative Breeding: A biocultural perspective
BLS 402     


Monday, Jan 27               Dr. Kevin Elliott, Michigan State University
4:10pm                          "Is a Little Pollution Good for You? How the Humanities Can 
BLS 402                          Contribute to Science and Policy."

Co-hosted by The Humanities Planning Group


Wednesday, Feb 19        Dr. Eric Nilsson, Washington State University, Skinner Lab
4:10pm                          "Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance of Ovarian 
BLS 402                         Disease"


Wednesday, March 5      Dr. Patricia Moore, University of Georgia
12:10pm                       "The role of reproductive physiology in ameliorating
CUE 518                        environmental stress"

Entomology seminar co-hosted by the CRB.


Wednesday, March 12     Dr. Jennifer Hernandez Gifford, Oklahoma State University
4:10pm                          "TBA"
VBR 305, Science Forum

Hosted by: Dr. Mary Hunzicker-Dunn


Wednesday, March 26      Dr. Cathryn Hogarth, Washington State 
4:10pm                          University, Griswold Lab
BLS 402                          "TBA"

Wednesday, April 23       Dr. William Walker, University of Pittsburgh
4:10pm                          “The PTPN11/SHP2 phosphatase: A regulator of 
VBR 305, Science Forum  spermatogonia stem cell proliferation and Sertoli cell
                                     adhesion complexes required for male fertility”

Wednesday, April 30       Dr. Qien Yang, Washington State University , Oatley Lab
4:10pm                         “Establishing a functional spermatogonial stem cell pool:
BLS402                          genetic insights into cell cycle regulation."


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The diversity of research conducted by our faculty is a strength of the Center. The Center strives to provide quality seminars in order to foster collaborations between our members and also with our invited speakers.


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