Center Objectives

Mission & Goals

Center of Excellence Goals

  • Increase national and international recognition of the Center through research accomplishments and activities.
  • Enhance and increase the interactions and collaborations among reproductive biology members at other universities in the Northwest (e.g. UW, OSU and OHSU).
  • Assist in recruitment of high-visibility senior reproductive biologists and junior reproductive biologists with outstanding promise.
  • Develop a community outreach program to increase interest in the STEM sciences, in particular, reproductive biology

Research Goals

  • Promote scientific publications that are co-authored by multiple members of the Center.
  • Develop multi-investigator and interdepartmental program project research programs and grants.

Training Goals

  • Obtain training grants associated with multi-investigator research programs developed for both graduate and postdoctoral fellowships.
  • Provide course offerings for a core curriculum in the area of reproductive biology at the graduate level.