Center Objectives

Mission & Goals

The mission of CDDR is to provide opportunities for investigators from across the Pacific Northwest to collaborate, learn from one another, and advance our understanding of reproductive and developmental processes.

Center of Excellence Goals

  • Increase national and international recognition of the Center through research accomplishments and activities.
  • Enhance and increase the interactions and collaborations among members in the fields of reproductive biology, developmental biology and associated diseases, within WSU and at other universities in the Northwest (e.g. UI, UW, OSU, and OHSU). 
  • Assist in recruitment of high-visibility senior scientists and junior scientists with outstanding promise that work in these areas.
  • Develop a community outreach program to increase interest in the STEM sciences, in particular, reproductive biology, developmental biology, and disease.

Research Goals

  • Promote scientific publications that are co-authored by multiple members of the Center.
  • Develop multi-investigator and interdepartmental program project research programs and grants.
  • Encourage corporate-sponsored research in an effort to move research findings toward practical use in every day life.

Training Goals

  • Provide a rich research training environment for the next generation of reproductive and developmental biologists who will learn to apply a basic understanding of physiology to disease states.
  • Obtain training grants associated with multi-investigator research programs developed for both graduate and postdoctoral fellowships.
  • To enhance learning opportunities through a rigorous graduate curriculum focused on reproductive and developmental processes, as well as pathophysiology.