Participating Faculty

Bill Young

Bill Young

Department:Fisheries Resources Management
Credentials:1996 - Ph.D. Washington State University; Zoology
Mailing Address:Nez Perce Tribe
Department of Fisheries Resources Mgmt
PO Box 1942/14054 Burr Dr.
McCall, ID 83638
Website:Click here

Research Interests

Fisheries management, genetics and reproduction

Research Summary

I work for the Nez Perce Tribe, Department of Natural Resources Management as the Hatchery Evaluations Coordinator.  This position coordinates the research, monitoring and evaluation of hatchery-reared spring Chinook salmon, fall Chinook salmon and coho salmon.  Information is used to adaptively manage the hatchery populations to maximize adult returns, minimize negative impacts to wild populations and evaluate the success of hatchery supplementation to recover and enhance natural populations. I also supervise and oversee the Snake River Basin Germplasm Repository that contains one of the largest germplasm collections of fish in the world. The repository contains cryopreserved sperm from multiple populations of ESA-listed Chinook salmon steelhead from the Snake River basin. Research: Life history diversity of hatchery and natural Chinook salmon and steelhead; reproductive success of naturally-reproducing hatchery and natural Chinook salmon. 

Research Publications


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Matala, A.P., S.R. Narum, W.P. Young and J.L. Vogel. 2012. Influences of hatchery supplementation, spawner distribution and habitat on genetic structure of Chinook salmon in the South Fork Salmon River. N. Am. J. Fish. Man. 32:2, 346-359.

Young, W.P., K. Frenyea, P.A. Wheeler and G.H. Thorgaard. 2009 No increase in developmental deformities or fluctuating asymmetry in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) produced with cryopreserved sperm. Aquaculture 289:13-18.

Thorgaard, G.H., B.D. Robison, P.A. Wheeler and W.P. Young, 2007. Possible approaches for genetic analysis of temperature adaptations in redband trout. Pages 19-24 in R.K. Schroeder and J.D. Hall, editors. Redband trout: resilience and challenge in a changing landscape. Oregon Chapter, American Fisheries Society, Corvallis.

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