Participating Faculty

Daolin Fu

Daolin Fu

Department:Plant Sciences
Credentials:2003 - Ph.D., Kansas State University
Office:AgBiotech 111
Mailing Address:

Department of Plant Sciences

875 Perimeter Dr MS 2333
Moscow, ID 83844


Website:Click here

Research Interests

My team works on wheat molecular genetics involving male sterility, disease resistance, yield potential, and grain quality. We are interested in identifying crucial genes controlling agronomically important traits and use them for wheat improvement.


Research Summary

The following represents noteworthy accomplishments:  1) We recently developed two large mutant populations (ca. 10,000 lines each) on the diploid wheat (Triticum monococcum cv. ‘DV92’) and the hexaploid wheat (T. aestivum cv. ‘Brundage’). Mutant populations are valuable resource for gene discovery and functional genomics.  2) We recently cloned the wheat male sterility gene Ms2, which can be used to assemble high-throughput pipelines for recurrent selection and hybrid breeding in wheat. 3) We are in the process of cloning two stripe rust resistance genes (Yr10 and Yr28). We are incorporating Yr10 and Yr28 into the current breeding programs in order to safeguard the wheat production in temperate regions.

Research Publications

Selected Publications 2005-2017

Ni, F., J. Qi, Q. Hao, B. Lyu, M.-C. Luo, Y. Wang, F. Chen, S. Wang, C. Zhang, L. Epstein, X. Zhao, H. Wang, X. Zhang, C. Chen, L. Sun, and D. Fu. 2017. Wheat Ms2 encodes for an orphan protein that confers male sterility in grass species. Nature Communications, 8, 15121.

Gou, J., K. Li, K. Wu, X. Wang, H. Lin, D. Cantu, C. Uauy, A. Dobon-Alonso, T. Midorikawa, K. Inoue, J. Sánchez, D. Fu, A. Blechl, E. Wallington, T. Fahima, M. Meeta, L. Epstein, and J. Dubcovsky. 2015. Wheat stripe rust resistance protein WKS1 triggers cell death by reducing reactive oxygen detoxification. Plant Cell 27 (6): 1755-1770.

Lv, B., R. Nitcher, X. Han, S. Wang, F. Ni, K. Li, J. Wu, J. Dubcovsky, and D. Fu. 2014. Characterization of FLOWERING LOCUS T1 (FT1) gene in Brachypodium and wheat. PLoS ONE 9: e94171.

Wu, L., D. Liu, J. Wu, R. Zhang, Z. Qin, D. Liu, A. Li, D. Fu, W. Zhai, and L. Mao. 2013. Regulation of FLOWERING LOCUS T by a microRNA in Brachypodium distachyon. Plant Cell 25 (11): 4363-4377.

Fu, D., C. Uauy, A. Distelfeld, A. Blechl, L. Epstein, X. Chen, H. Sela, T. Fahima, and J. Dubcovsky. 2009. A kinase-START gene confers temperature-dependent resistance to wheat stripe rust. Science 323 (5919): 1357-1360.

Yan, L., D. Fu, C. Li, A. Blechl, G. Tranquilli, M. Bonafede, A. Sanchez, M. Valarik, S. Yasuda, and J. Dubcovsky. 2006. The wheat and barley vernalization gene VRN3 is an orthologue of FT. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 103 (51): 19581-19586.

Fu, D., P. Szücs, L. Yan, M. Helguera, J.S. Skinner, J. von Zitzewitz, P.M. Hayes, and J. Dubcovsky. 2005. Large deletions within the first intron in VRN-1 are associated with spring growth habit in barley and wheat. Molecular Genetics and Genomics 273 (1): 54-65.



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