Participating Faculty

Donna Holmes

Donna Holmes Parks

Department:Department of Biological Sciences-WWAMI Medical Education Program; University of Idaho
Credentials:1987 - Ph.D., Bowling Green State University; Biology
Office:Gibb Hall 238
Mailing Address:875 Perimeter Drive- MS 3051
Moscow, ID 83844-3051
Website:Click here

Research Interests

Comparative biology of aging and lifespan; life history trade-offs and human health; reproductive aging in female vertebrates; the evolution of menopause.

Research Summary

I’m interested generally in the comparative biology of healthy lifespans and aging in vertebrate animals, including humans. My research is couched in terms of evolutionary life history and aging theory, which predicts that organisms make physiological trade-offs among growth, reproduction, and defenses against disease and oxidative stress. My past research has examined the physiology of longevity and resistance to oxidative stress in mammals and birds. I investigated the role of prenatal exposure to androgen hormones in shaping life histories and oxidative defenses in the zebra finch. I’m also interested in the evolutionary and developmental forces that influence human health, aging and lifespan, and in how evolutionary thinking can be applied to understanding current issues in public health, particularly women’s health after menopause. Publications from my lab have focused on the evolution of reproductive senescence in wild guppies, the use of birds as animal models for understanding basic aging processes, the effects of prenatal exposure to testosterone on survival in house sparrows, and the comparative biology of ovarian aging in a variety of vertebrates, including women, nonhuman mammals, birds, and fishes.

Research Publications

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