Participating Faculty

Lisette Maddison

Lisette Maddison

Department:Gene Editing Reagent Core, Director & Center for Reproductive Biology
Credentials:2003 - Ph.D. Baylor College of Medicine
Office:Biotechnology/Life Sciences 141
Mailing Address:Center for Reproductive Biology
PO Box 647521
Pullman, WA 99164-7521
Website:Click here

Research Interests

My broad interest is in generating new research models using cutting edge techniques. This includes CRISPR based applications or other approaches to manipulate the genome.

Research Summary

Biological systems have great complexity and whole organism research models help to capture a better understanding of critical factors and processes. As director of the Gene Editing Reagent Core (GERC) I’m interested in using the most relevant techniques to help investigators incorporate tailored genetic models into their research. The GERC is positioned to help investigators incorporate the state of the art gene editing and other genetic manipulation approaches into their scientific endeavors. Gene editing has been greatly facilitated by CRISPR/Cas9 and allows manipulation of the genomic DNA in virtually any species. CRISPR applications include generating mutations leading to a functional knockout, precision editing where a single amino acid can be altered, and knock-in approaches to include new elements into the gene of interest. My scientific career has revolved around building and using animal models; from transgenic models including those for tissue and temporal specific gene manipulation, retroviral based mutagenesis, to new models developed using TALEN and CRISPR. I’ve used these models to investigate research questions from cancer progression to pancreatic endocrine cell function. I’m interested in working with scientists across the WSU system to help elevate their research programs by incorporating similar approaches.

Selected Research Publications

Yin L*, Maddison LA* and W Chen (2016) Multiplex conditional mutagenesis in zebrafish using the CRISPR/Cas system. Methods in Cell Biology 135:3-17. *Shared first authorship.

Yin, L, Maddison LA, Li M, Kara N, LaFave MC, Varshney GK, Burgess SM, Patton JG, Chen W (2015) Multiplex Conditional Mutagenesis Using Transgenic Expression of Cas9 and sgRNAs. Genetics 200(2):431-41.

Maddison LA, Li M and W Chen (2014) Conditional Manipulation of the Zebrafish Genome Using Gene Trap Mutagenesis.  Methods in Molecular Biology 1101:393-411.

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