Training in Reproductive Biology

Graduate & Training Program

Pre- and post-doctoral training programs at WSU and UI are typically sponsored by individual department or school (see Program/Associated Faculty list, below).

However, interdisciplinary training in reproductive biology has been an important part of the CRB's mission since its inception. Trainees in the area of reproductive biology participate in the Center seminar program, the annual Center Retreat, and most interact with the Northwest Reproductive Sciences Symposium. The program provides rich opportunities for research training in the cooperative atmosphere of two major land grant universities.

The diverse nature of CRB faculty members allows the Center access to eminent faculty from across the world making our seminar series uniquely informative. The annual Center for Reproductive Biology retreat also provides a relaxing environment in which research activities of Center faculty and trainees are reveiwed. Our members meet regularly for the seminars and attend the annual retreat in an effort to meet our goal of building relationships, interactions and collaborative research projects.

The connections the Center has with universities across the Northwest provide unique opportunities for our members to share research facilities and the diverse expertise of our faculty. Our trainees have the opportunity to have committee members from across the Center act as mentors. Our faculty members from both campuses may serve on graduate students' committees at either campus. Several courses on the respective campuses are cross-listed in catalogs, and students may enroll at the opposite campus for no extra charge. The library facilities of both campuses are equally available to students, staff, and faculty members of either campus.


If you would like to apply for any of the listed graduate programs please contact the faculty member you would like to work with and begin the application process using the WSU Graduate School Online Application or the UI Graduate School Application.


Biological Sciences

Joseph Cloud -UI
Peter Fuerst -UI
James Nagler -UI
Barrie Robison -UI
Deborah Stenkamp -UI
William Young -UI
Graham Young -UW

Biological Systems Engingeering

Jeffrey Ullman -WSU

Crop and Soil Sciences

Diter von Wettstein -WSU


John Brown -WSU
Laura Corley Lavine -WSU
Jeb Owen -WSU
Walter Sheppard -WSU
John Stark -WSU(Puyallup)

Fish and Wildlife Resources

Kenneth Cain -UI


Joe Poovaiah -WSU

Natural Resource Sciences

Lisa Shipley -WSU


Heiko Jansen -WSU
Sue Ritter -WSU
Hubert Schwabl -WSU
Deborah Stenkamp -UI


Shelley McGuire -WSU
Lisa Shipley -WSU

Pharmacology/ Toxicology

John Brown -WSU
Arash Hatefi -WSU
Kathryn Meier -WSU
Sue Ritter -WSU
Beth Vorderstrasse -WSU

School of Biological Sciences

Jeremiah Busch -WSU
Hanjo Hellmann -WSU
Donna Holmes -WSU
Michael Knoblauch -WSU
Andrew McCubbin -WSU
Ruth Phillips -WSU (Vanc)
Hubert Schwabl -WSU
Michael Skinner -WSU
Andrew Storfer -WSU
Mechthild Tegeder- WSU
Gary Thorgaard -WSU
Paul Verrell -WSU

Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Mushtaq Memon -WSU
Ahmed Tibary -WSU

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology

Douglas Call -WSU
William C. Davis -WSU
Kevin Snekvik -WSU


Veterinary Sciences

Douglas Call -WSU
Heiko Jansen -WSU
Mushtaq Memon -WSU
Sue Ritter -WSU
Ed Schmidt -Montana State
Chris Schneider -WSU
Hubert Schwabl -WSU
Ahmed Tibary -WSU