Training in Reproductive Biology

Admission & Financial Aid


The program is interdisciplinary involving many departments, several colleges, and two universities. Granting of degrees and admission of students are carried out by individual departments or programs of faculty who participate in the Center for Reproductive Biology.

Persons seeking admission should apply directly to one or more faculty members with whom they may be interested in working. These faculty members will initiate the admissions process within their respective departments. Generally, applicants will need to provide three letters of reference, official transcripts, a letter of application, and an official Graduate Record Exam (GRE) report. Foreign students must provide an official score form of their Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam. Applications for admission and assistantships are accepted at any time of year. However, consideration for financial support generally occurs from January through April.

Persons interested in postdoctoral training need only to correspond with perspective mentors and do not need to supply GRE or TOEFL scores.

Washington State University - Admissions

University of Idaho - Admissions

Financial Aid

Research and/or teaching assistantships are available on a competitive basis to those accepted on a regular status to graduate study. In addition, financial aid is available to qualified students through National Direct Student Loan and scholarship programs.

Washington State University - Financial Aid

University of Idaho - Financial Aid

Application Process

A potential graduate student should apply to the University Graduate School for admission. The student should then select a faculty or graduate program that interests them and apply directly to the graduate program and inform the Center or Faculty member. Individual contacts with faculty of interest are encourgaed to facilitate the process.

A potential postdoctoral fellow should select a faculty of interest and contact them directly. Alternatively the applicant can apply to the Center without a specfic faculty of interest and your application will be forwarded to all faculty.

University of Idaho Graduate School

Washington State University Graduate School

Applicants can contact the Center by email for assistance.